How to email using WebMail

Open up your favorite web browser (Mozilla, Netscape, Internet Exploder).
Go to
Enter your log-in name and password.
Press Enter or click the Login button.
The first time you use WebMail it will ask you to set some things up. Click on the links below to see how I've got mine set up. You can change these settings at any time by pressing the User Preferences button.
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Once you're done with the configuration, it should be pretty easy for you to figure things out

Some cool features of this webmail program:
- it has calendaring built in. It can send you an email to remind you about things automatically!
- it has a vacation function. it can auto-respond to emails telling people you're not checking email for a while!
- it has access to the isspam folder (if I've got SpamAssassin turned on for you). You can go through all the email detected as spam and verify that it is really spam. If you see an email that is in the isspam folder but isn't really spam, see this HowTo to have emails from this sender not be detected as spam in the future.