How to use SpamAssassin (spam filter program)

If you want to use SpamAssassin, a spam filtering program, you must store your email on (and not forward it somewhere else like to Yahoo!).
Contact Chris and ask to have it set up.

It catches something like 95% of all spam. I'm pretty happy with it. Unfortunately some emails sent by mailing lists look like spam. There's a way to tell the program to not treat emails from certain places as spam. This HowTo will walk you through changing this list.

From within Windows, go Start->Run.
Type 'telnet' and click OK.
Type your log-in name and press enter.
Enter your current password and press enter.
Type 'pico .spamassassin/user_prefs' and press enter.
You should see some comments talking about whitelist and blacklist addresses.
- whitelist addresses are those you ALWAYS want to get email from (NOT spam)
- blacklist addresses are those you ALWAYS want to be treated as spam
Add a line(s) to this file with the email address(es) you want to get email from.

For Example (from my file):
whitelist_from *

So I will treat all email from as good email. And I will treat all email from any email address that ends with as good email.

Once you've got the addresses you want press Ctrl-X to exit and save your file.
Type exit and press enter.