How to create a web page from scratch (using Frontpage)

This How-To will walk you through using Frontpage to create a web page for your web site.
Frontpage can be installed along with Microsoft Office.

Start up Frontpage. Select File->Open Web...

In the "Look In:" box of the window that opened up for me I see "My Webs". If you see something different, navigate to the folder called "My Webs" which should exist in your "My Documents" folder. When you see "My Webs" in the "Look In:" box, click the "Open" button.

Now click the "Create a new normal page" button at the top left of your screen

On the right side of your screen you should now see a blank page titled new_page_1.htm. Create your web page here! This works like Microsoft Word. Add text and pictures and make it look how you want! There are three ways to view your web page. You're probably going to want to use the Normal view most often, that's most similar to Microsoft Word. If you want to see the html code you can select the HTML view, to preview your page you can select the Preview view (which in most cases shouldn't be very different from your Normal view). You can select the view below your web page.

When you're done creating your web page, you need to save it. You can have as many web pages in a folder as you want, and you can have folders within folders as well. On the web, when someone types in the address to a folder, without specifying a file, the default filename is index.htm. So you should try to have a file in every folder called index.htm. So let's save this file as index.htm. Select File->Save. This will bring up a window to save your web page. Leave the Name as index.htm (which should be the name by default). If you want to change the title of your web page, or what appears in the title bar of your browser when looking at the web page, click the Change Title button and type in a new title. Click the Save button when you're all done.

You should now see your file (index.htm) in the Folder List.

If you want to create another web page in this folder, go through the same steps above (starting with pressing the new file button), but when you save the file give it another name.

Now you're ready to copy all of your pages to Select File->Publish Web...

In the publish destination type:

Type in your name and password in the next window.

Click the Publish button in the next window.

Now go to your website using your favorite browser and see your page!