How to FTP

Use FTP to put files in your home directory/web site or to get files from your home directory/web site.

It's easiest to use a FTP program which lets you drag and drop files.
I use CuteFTP Pro and will use that program for this How To. Other programs should be similar.

Start your FTP program.

Create a new site. File->New->FTP site...

Enter the host as '', your log-in name, and your password.

Somewhere there should be a setting regarding the connection type. In CuteFTP it's under the Type tab. Set the mode to be PORT (or whatever your program has that is NOT PASV/passive).

Now you can Connect! By default when you connect you will be in your home directory. This is NOT your web directory. Anything you want to be on the web must be in public_html (or a subfolder).

You should be able to figure out things from here! Drag files from your local computer to or vice versa!